Slow Internet Sunday!

Has anyone else experienced slower-than-slow internet speeds today?  Any browser I use has been crawling along, and downloads are pretty damn near impossible!

Oooohhhh yea. Trying to download a beta client atm–downloading slowed down to about 20% of what it usually is.

must be a day of rest
Fine here, Cable internet

Mine is also very slow or I am just too impatient… :smiley:

Are all the slow ones DSL? Seem to remember a notice that one or the other was going through some upgrade.

Yes…kept getting disconnected in the morning…also the net was slow for a bit in the afternoon on Saturday.

internet wasn’t too bad yesterday, could have been better… woke up today and internet pages wouldn’t load up for the longest time,  a youtube video took about 10 minutes and it was just above half way, checked out and found my connection was looking like this

they slow it down on sunny days to get people out and enjoy this weather we rarely have here  :smiley:

They upgraded cable internet a month or so ago but mine is slower now than before that. I am able to go and make coffee and toast while I wait to log on… :angry:

We apparently are not alone in our connection angst…

my dsl is just fine actually  :smiley:

By international standards our internet service may not be the greatest, but all things are relative and I have been wondering if CW is the slowest of them all, having experienced the same slow service as others recently and likewise on previous occasions. When living in Shaw’s sales territory their service seemed noticeably faster. When travelling through Shaw and Telus country and stopping off to cadge some open wi-fi service here and there that impression seems to be re-affirmed. I am no techie, though, and can offer no stats to back this up - just impressions.

For reasons that I cannot decipher I like the idea of CW being the only municipal owned provider in the province and one of a select few in the country. I confess though that the thought sometimes crosses my mind that sacred cow though CW may be in these parts a small regional service provider just may not have the size and technical resources to offer the level of service as larger, more distant providers. After all, didn’t CW just write-down the value of its assets by $20 million, apparently concluding that their hardware isn’t really worth as much as had been assumed, if truth be told.  :confused:
Cable here, Still OK

put down the keyboard go enjoy the sun  :smiley:

I am thinking of going to cable internet. Anybody out there with it have any comments or can recommend it?

I say go for it…  :wink:
Smooth ride it will be.