"slots of cash" scratch tickets

These tickets are connected to casinos. If you win on the ‘bonus’, your prize has to be redeemed at a casino…its only good for playing the slots!! Your prize canot be redeemed for cash at the retailer. This is complete BS!! So you win $10, how many folks are going to lose the $10, then hang around and blow a bunch more that most probably can’t afford?

Spoke with a retailer and they have had a few bonus winners really pissed and just ripped up their tickets. This retailer didn’t know about having to claim at a casino until someone tried to claim their prize at the store.

This is rediculous that the Lottery Corporation is allowed to entice people to gamble with a ‘prize’!! What do you all think?

So don’t buy the scratch tickets,

What - you don’t think buying the ticket in the first place isn’t gambling???

You can insert the voucher into a machine and then cash it out. The new voucher is cashable.