Slaves sure are getting paid better these days

“I completely agree with the FIFA president,” said the player… The president is correct, but I do not want to say more…"

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Well, slave is a bit extreme, but they aren’t “free agents” once they sign those contracts.

You can leave, you can do whatever you want, but you’ve signed a contract, and if you ever expect to sign another one, you’d better follow it.

I think the way they’re traded for outrageous amounts of “transfer fees” is a bit like the slave market, though.  Madrid is offering Manchester $135 million for him, but they’ll only be paying him 10-15 million or so for a 3 or 4 year contract. 

And some clubs take all or a percentage of other money players make – endorsements and that kind of thing – this is one of the big reasons Beckham left Madrid.  The club made a lot more money off him than he did.

Slaves don’t get to hang out on Italian beaches with supermodels in between cotton-picking seasons, though.

Ronaldinho is testing his contract with Barcelona by going to the Olympics with Brazil against his club’s wishes.  Let’s see what happens with that. 

Well it would seem that not everyone is sharing the slavery analogy with Cristiano… … el_at.html

So is he the witless one, or the bonehead? 

LOL, hmm Cristiano seems to have hit a nerve, here’s another one I found … 883640.ece

Slavery is a very real problem today.  The connection made between soccer prima donnas and slavery is grossly mistaken.  This month’s UTNE Reader has a special report about slavery.  There are more slaves today than at any time in history.

Check out for more information.

yes slavery is bad, how much of our economy and products are made from slave labor?.

trading ones child for a few dollers is a sad thing…

but who are we to push our values on one society, slave trading maybe the norm and who are we to tell them its bad, sort of like what the Catholics did to the indigenous people around the world. Don’t get me wrong I’m against owning slaves.

excuse me but the maid is coming over to clean up…