Skeena seat "Likely Liberal"

[quote=“Astrothug”]I know Bigthumb as a province what do you think we should do,
you dont seem to be incline to see the natual recources being used eg: Logging, minning, oil and gas. if im wrong ok I know you will correct me.
should BC become a welfare province ? What do you stand for.

I’ll be staight up with you…
what I want better healthcare for all, better education, better jobs for all, natual resourses being used repectfully… a goverment that awnsers to the people. people in the province want to work, the miners the loggers the fisherman… and they all can be working. I would like to see the end of raw log export to China, I would like too see buisness open up in prince rupert. I would like to see your kids have a bright future in our province, and before Bigthumb you ask do you think you will see the liberals do that for us. I dont care if its the liberals or the NDP or Green our who ever, thats what I want…[/quote]

Then what are we arguing about?
You’re right, most citizens of this province probably want what you said. I think the difficulty is not one party seems to be able to show that they can achieve all these things. You seem to lean towards the liberals because you think they can come closer than anyone. I lean towards the NDP because of the same reason. You seem to think that the NDP will do the same mistakes they did in the past. I think they have learned. You seem to think that the liberals can make the future brighter for everyone. I think they can only do it for the rich.
In the end, I really cannot say that what I think is better than what you seem to think. I can only defend why I think that and try to make you see what I think is wrong with your view.