Skeena Flooding

Water’s high in Terrace again.

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Yeah it was starting to get high this weekend when I was up there. No more wallyworld for Rupertites.

No need to bring water for this picnic.

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Is the water still rising?  Or has it started to go down?  I have some business in Vancouver and PG, and would rather drive than fly.

It better not flood and close the highway in 2 weeks or I’m sooooooo not going to be a happy camper. … AT_PRESENT … urrent.htm

Very cool that there are online monitoring stations on the Skeena:

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Level at Usk: … id=08EF001

Level of Kloiya river: … id=08EG016

Great site MiG - thanks for posting it!!

This is a good sight I know a few river fisherman that watch it.
I think the rule of thumb is if the marker at the Usk station is less than 3m you can drive onto the bar at Polymer. I think that’s the number I could be wrong though.