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Is Hockey too Violent?

  • Yeah man!
  • Nah man!
  • Basketball fights are funny!

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Channel 7 news is so behind the times. And they’re dumb.

They’re doing a show on Violence in Hockey. :unamused:

Of course Hockey is violent, it’s a contact sport. You’ll always have the dumbasses who inflict undue violence on others… That’s why you give them penalties or kick them out of the game (Tyler Morgan, Cross-Checking to the head… Heh, he should have fought him instead).

They should investigate the Violence in Lacross, if anything. Not an age old topic like Violence in Hockey… Pffff

That chick who does the interviewing was perdy though. Almost enough to get a semi. :wink:

But at least I get to look like a dumbass on Local Television!!

Woot! :laughing:

I agree, Hockey just woulndn’t be Hockey without being a contact sport. Look at football, its the point to stop the other team from doing anything by smashing them into little pieces. :laughing:

They were probly hurting for something to report so they found something easy and obious.

Dude, Lacross is fucking nasty, that sport is worse than “violence in hockey”. They were the minimum required equipment, so they can have speed, but man, you watch a game of Lacross, and you see guys get cross checked for all their worth, big hits, slashes like you’d never believe could happen, its unreal.

Lacross is more Violent than hockey in my opinion. Though hockey obviously is more fun to watch.

I like to hit others in the shins when I play lacrosse. :smiley:

remember the chick with the mustache who did the news?

do they still have her?

that was obscene.

i saw her once at the arena and it blew my mind.
how could no one have tipped her off about it.

she must know, just not care.
mind boggling.

Hmm… did she look like this?

dude is that my ex girlfriend?

I think I’d have to agree. She interviewed me on Thursday, asking me about the upcoming Kermode Classic basketball tournament.

Man, having hot chicks on TV is the only way to go. If I’m flipping channels and I see a totally hot sweet chick I’ll sit at that channel.

ya that chick was decent Russell but it felt like she was spying for CAL tho, just filming our plays and shiznit. :unamused:

She was a perdy Perdy… cept that she had them Too-Plucked eyebrows…

And she did seem like she was spyin’… All lookin’ through the lense for a min or two, then she busts out with the One-Eye Contact…

I think she saves some of her footage for Chick-Tuggin’ purposes…

indeed I believe that tape didn’t serve any purpose for Channel 7, We’ve been exploited…