Sitting on the toilet

  :angry: PUSH PUSH :angry:

I get the feeling that this poll is not going to be answered by anyone either over the age of 12 or with an IQ higher than 95.


Lately, a round or four of Hot Shots: Open Tee, or a read through National Geographic.

Your poll sucks

I hope you die. 

umm ew… :unamused:

Obviously posted by a teenage boy.
A dishonest teenage boy!
Otherwise he’d have “choking the chicken” as an option, cuz *that’s what you’re doing in there isn’t it, ya little bastard! *Now STOP IT and let the rest of the family use the bathroom.

I thought the shower was the place of choice for teenage boys these days?  On the can is sooooooo last year. 

LMAO!! :smiley:

That’s just for girls.  Boys are happy to make use of any place for their chicken choking.  As soon as they see the beast the urge to choke it overcomes them.