Singh in trouble?

Putting it on this thread because of previous posts.

Anyone one wanna weigh in on where this Jody/ Justin thing is headed?

Is the voting public concerned about rule of law or jobs? Should the crimes of high level execs be paid for by job loss of the innocent?
Jody admitted there was nothing illegal said or implied.
Veiled threats turn out to be 8-10 phone calls in a 2 week period.
Did the Jody’s justice minister role clash with her attorney general role?
Scheer and Cullen are pressing hard.
Ethics committee
Justice committee

Fun stuff. Makes for good debate.

The Conservative leader smells blood in the water. I think this is bad for JT and it will cost him seats in the Fall. JT will not willingly resign in my opinion. I found Jody’s testimony to be truthful and compelling.

politics is politics might not have been illegal but if the shoe was on the other foot the liberals would be doing the same thing, opposition job is to make government look bad so they can get re-elected, lets see if this mini-scandal sticks in next election

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No Nathan Cullen in the upcoming election, I wonder who will run in his place. I’ve heard rumours that he is going to work for LNG Canada.

Indeed! I too am very curious to see who will step up to serve our riding.

Perhaps Bachrach is up for the challenge.


More gasoline on the fire for the embattled PM.

More like fanning embers.
You gotta admit, it was a pretty lawful conversation." Using tools allowable", and acknowledging she has 2 hats to wear.
Far from what I imagined to be ’ political interference’ .

Secretly recording your clients conversation?
While saying she wants to protect the PM?

Justin may have gained a bit because of this recording.

Yes. Perhaps. It is months until the Fall election, a lifetime in politics. Justin will try hard to let this die and Andrew will try to keep this front and center. I still think that Justin will win in the Fall with a reduced majority.

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Agreed on all accounts.
Except the last one, and only because, like you’ve stated, …a lifetime.

The majority of voting public are a fickle bunch.

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Indeed. JT isn’t very good at governing, but, he’s a skilled campaigner as evidenced in his match up with Harper. I like his chances if he can put the current scandal behind him.

Whistleblowers - my ass.
Justin showed some guts and booted them. Once his caucus told him to! Maybe they’ll cross the floor. The Tories have a history of stabbing their leaders in the back, they belong there.
Or maybe they can join Mr Singh keep some liberal beliefs and all the whiners with their high moral ground will follow with their votes… yeah as if.
Maybe his caucus will tell him to tell Trump to F.O.A.D. That’s the kind of spine that would get him my vote!

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Yeah, I would like to see that. Haha.

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