I don’t know if any of y’all peep Sinfest, but it’s one of my favourite webcomics.

The guy’s latest rant struck me as funny.

[quote]On disappointment. Life is full of disappointment. Like, I’m still really ticked off that I’m not a superhero. I thought if I waited long enough I’d develop superpowers and start going on adventures. I’m starting to suspect that it may never happen. Where is my mutant healing factor? Where is my web-slinging ability and my own private batcave? I am very very very disappointed. Now look at me, some goofy webcartoonist doing funny drawings and shit. What the hell? How did my dreams go so terribly wrong? Then again, maybe the superheroes of the world are pissed that they’re not webcartoonists. Maybe they’re like, “How come I never developed any fantastic drawing skills? Where are my life drawing capabilities? Where is my command of composition and color, my lyrical storytelling and deft comedic timing? Oh cruel world, why oh why must I wear this gay costume and fight assholes in the streets day after day after day? Being a superhero sucks. Webcartoonists got it good! Luckyyyy!”