Sin City

Has Sin City hit rupert yet? If not, I would so recommend seeing it. I saw it last night at a Silver City and it was excellent. Frank Miller is a brilliant director and with a great cast (Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba and Benicio Del Toro). It was made to be like a comic book (Frank Miller’s style), with the ultraviolence, unrealistic movements and above-average joe characters. Reminded me a lot of the Max Payne series. I will stop ranting here, but go see it, if you have, discuss.

It hasn’t come here yet, but I have all intentions of seeing it. I love Robert Rodriguez’s work, although I could have done without a couple of the Spy Kids movies. From what I’ve seen in previews it has a very cool, over-the-top look about it. Good to hear form someone who has seen it.

I watched it last week, bad me downloaded it, was near to dvd quality. great movie will see it in movie theater, best movie this year!!, untill Starwars comes out…next month…woo woo

you got an FTP i can eat le sin city off?

i wanna see this movie to… the trailer looks good… but sometimes i see ripper trailers and go watch the movie and notice that all the good parts ive already seen from the trailer… but yah… Astrothug is your bday?

yes my bday…and sorry no FTP…

[quote]It’s time to prove to your friends that you’re worth a damn.
Sometimes that means dying,
sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people.

This movie is a super-duper high five extravaganza!

Saw “Sin City” last night. Awesome. Best movie I’ve seen this year.

I’ve seen it it’s totally cool… kinda long tho.

Just over 2 hours, thats not bad.

yea near the end of it I was kind of saying “ok ok end.” I heard that from a few other people too. Overall good show though.

I can only assume alot of people who say that have the attention span of a
12 year old where the longest movie they’ve ever watched was ‘xXx’