Sim cards

My teenager has a Rogers phone which is out of warranty, she has a year or two left on her contract. The phone is starting to act up, sometimes the screen gets messed-up and scrambled. Can she buy a similar phone at East Wind and transfer her present sim card into the new phone? Would that work?

It depends on the phone, whether the phone is locked on a different provider, whether it supports the frequencies rogers uses etc… but depending on the phone it would be possible. My phone shows the rogers network as available but I cant connect because I have a telus sim.

I could of course be completely wrong it wouldnt be the first time. Looks like rogers uses the same 850/1900mhz frequencies for (hspa+) as telus/bell so in theory yes…

Hows that for a non answer? if I didnt spend 2 minutes looking at wikipedia I wouldnt bother to post this… but too late now.

Thanks jesus,

It is a Rogers phone running on the Rogers network. I will take my kid in to East Wind and see what they say. Maybe we will get lucky.

If eastwind is a rogers dealer they can sell you a rogers phone that will work with her old sim and it will just transfer over.

Yes. East Wind is a Rogers dealer. Thanks. :smile:

Just go buy a phone from 711 and put sim into, it will work … We do it when our iPhones run out of power we have spare 711 phone and it works fine no issues …

Thanks for the tip, Astro! :smile:

Thanks, guys. My kid bought another phone from East Wind today and swapped over her old Sim card. :smile: