Silverfish BUGS!

Anyone seeing these disgusting bugs in your place?  They are ugly and so frig-gen fast.

I’ve been doing some reading on these bugs, where they hang out and types of climates and what they eat…very shocking.  On one website, they are commonly found in your cereal; eating your cereal and laying EGGS!  :angry:

That is one ugly looking bug. Never seen one nor do I want to!

Yes they are ugly for sure…last weekend I was making some yummy hash browns…and one of those little bastards dropped down from the fan area and landed right beside the pan…yikes…

Not as ugly as these,  local to the drip… … euthbg.gif

they are disgusting, I had one on me and holy did it EVER scare me!

CAVE CRICKETS! even worse…hahaha

Nasty!  :astonished:

I was cleaning out a “fox hole” at the local paintball field it was a pretty tight spot.  Lifted a rock and bang,  5 of them.  I am pretty sure I screamed like a little girl,  LOL

I walked in between my house and garage, and low and behold this cave spider(cricket thing) was their, I know I jumped five feet in the air…cause this thing was bigger then my hand! … d8.jpg?v=0

These buggers still take the cake for me - flying all slow and sideways, reminding me of that forklift scene in Austin Powers - me standing frozen, screaming at the top of my lungs while this thing ‘speeds’ towards me from 10 feet away…

This one flying sounds like a couple of paper fans having a battle: