Sign up?

So my Lady and I were wondering where does one sign up with  Rogers or do they have an office yet.

at the source or any other electronic source, I would be leary right now as the staff at the source don’t have a clue yet, their  still learning. a friend bought a basic phone from the source and paid over 400 dollers for it with 3 year contract, the same phone in the flyer was 199.00 for the 3 year contract.  go to citywest… really go there first and price out your phone first…


As Mig points out above, Eastwind is the way to go. Their whole front window is done up with Rogers so I’m surprised you missed it.

Frankly anyone who buys anything at the Source deserves what they get, which will no doubt include shitty service.

Yeah…the service people at the Source are a bit green.