I picked a great day to do a package upgrade on my FreeBSD box, my download speed has dwindled to nothing.
Dang.  I hope that CityWest or the carrier fixes the connection or I’ll be compiling into the summer at this rate, LOL :smiley:

Is that your main desktop computer?  It’s been awhile since I worked with BSD’s.

No, the FreeBSD unit is one of my other *nix boxes.  I’m really enjoying FreeBSD 6.2, it has come a long way since the 5.x versions.  I love the stability of BSD:-)
My main work station is slackware:-)  Slack rocks! :smiley:

Still compiling, LOL! :smiley:  The connection is good today, hopefully this box will be updated this afternoon at some point.

My main computer runs BSD as well… cough cough Mac OS X.

Mac OS X is awesome!! :smiley: 
My next computer that I buy will be a MAC.  An intel core duo processor running BSD…very cool indeed! :sunglasses:

I am curious about Linux …

I would like to check it out and I have a spare computer to try it on.

What version would you (anyone smarter than I, means just about everyone) recomend?  I have never even seen anything linux.

and BE NICE ABOUT IT!!  :unamused:


I’m like you Hoser.  And I don’t know where to start.  I don’t even know if it’s worth it for me to start looking at it.

Download a live CD ISO and burn it.  Then boot your computer from it.

But for my time and money, if you’re already running Mac OS X, there’s no reason to run Linux unless you want the geek cred, or if you want to run a cheap server.

I have Kubuntu linux on my dell laptop, but other than that, I run Mac OS X everywhere else.  Even when I want to run Windows, it’s within Parallels in Mac OS X.

I run windoze os (xp home and pro and a new vista home prem - which sux)…never tried a mac either… I think I need to get out more  :laughing:

I have begun to download ubunto…and I will install it when I have a chance. 

Be prepared for some more newb questions!!  :unamused:

Sure:-)  I’ll help you if I can! :smiley:
Ubuntu is nice as it is a live cd which means you can boot your computer and try out Linux all from the cd.  Your windows install remains unaffected.  When you want to run windows again just click on the red icon in the upper right hand corner, select shut-down, then your computer will power down, eject the cd, and you can re-boot into windows.
You can also install Linux to your hard drive by clicking on the install icon.  If you wish Ubuntu will also walk you through setting up a dual boot with windows (you can do this if you have enough free space on your hard drive).
Have fun! :smiley:

I partitioned off 15 gigs of my laptop’s 80 Gig and set up a dual boot w Ubuntu. That’s more than enough, I won’t be downloading movies or music with it other than to discover what programs to use.
Used to use it a lot until I got my Mac mini… I don’t think I’ve even booted into Ubuntu for three or four months. I can just use Terminal on the Mac to access the server banks instead of putty and winscp…
OSX is way better than either Gnome or KDE

Even though I’m a complete Linux idiot, I agree! :smiley:  Mac has all operating systems beat hands down.  Apple put a rock-solid, battle-tested OS (Unix), great industry standard intel hardware, and a great software bundle into a hard to beat, complete package! :sunglasses:

Was anyone here ever into BEOS? Whatever became of that one…

I installed BeOS on a PowerMac years back… I think it’s open source now?

BeOS rocked!  Apple nearly bought BeOS instead of NeXT.  We’d be running BeOS as Mac OS X instead of NeXT’s OS.  But no Steve Jobs.  Ah well. 

I remember we e-mailed the BeOS guys and said something like “hey, we’re a BC high school, we can’t afford your software, but a few students are interested in it.”  They sent us a bunch of free copies of BeOS.

I remember playing with QNX at school!

And an SGI O2…

I was told QNX once had a statement on their website that went something like: "If Microsoft wrote the Space Shuttle software, would you fly in it?"
That was back around 1996 - 1997.
I used to give out their “complete OS on a floppy” preloaded with our old ISP’s dialup and home page.
I remember one guy asking why I programmed “our Internet” to run with that floppy disk and make Win95 boxes say “your modem is not configured properly” :unamused:

For an OS with a GUI and everything that ran off a floppy, QNX was pretty slick.

I’ve never tried BeOS, but, it looks cool. :sunglasses: