Should the US give up control over DNS?

This came up on Slashdot … =1&tid=219

Got me kinda fired up… the US might suck, and I might hate them…

But you know what? For one, if I invented the Internet, I’d be telling every other country to fuck right off. Go build your own network! Go start your own DNS servers…

Giving induvidual countries control over their specific TLD might be alright, but IP addressing should be left to the US, and the rest of the domains should stay with them too.

Despite shit like the DMCA, the Internet is still a pretty laid back, do what you want place, and that’s how it should stay. I can just imagine when you get a bunch of religous countries complaining about all the “unholy” stuff on the internet, and trying to censor it out. Or even simply censoring their own people from it.

You mean like the US war on porn? the thing I take issue with is alot of other countries have put alot of money into the net too only to have essentially no control. Well ok, so if the US decided to ban canada we could setup our own root servers so I guess we are good :wink:

The great thing about the internet is there are no borders, should the US try to enforce borders then I would have a problem until then things are fine by me.

War on porn? Haha, aren’t they trying to make a .xxx TLD right now?

the US wants to ban pornography all together.

Okay, Canada needs the root servers then…

After listening to a story on the illegal detentions and gross human rights abuses at Gitmo, I was so pissed at the Yanks I considered becoming a suicide bomber.
But the thought of ‘rivers of honey and 72 virgins’ doesn’t strike me as much of a reward. On a friday night someone better offer ‘rivers of beer and 72 sluts’ and toss in a pepperoni with double cheese!

The concern for me is if this new “UN-like” body decides to pass legistation without considering the technical ramifications. Like passing a resolution to require law-enforcement to monitor traffic, but without any idea how to do it.

Thats a very good point. The americans have regulated it for so long that they have a system worked out for it. If you sudden dump all the responsibility on the UN, they’ll have to start from scratch making the internet “buggy” and “insecure” for a period of time. A change that big isn’t that simple.