Should I laugh or cry? … le1855695/

Cry … for Christ Sakes what next…

Do they already have their token black guy?

I’ll laugh over the stupidity of this and then cry in frustration of said stupidity, it should be based on qualifications and competance.

I have decided not to laugh or cry. I think I will just pound my head against a wall.

Back in the day, affirmative action served a purpose. Minorities were clearly under represented in many areas and probably the cause was some form of prejudice or discrimination. I would like to think we are beyond that for the most part. There are still circumstances where we might say that a particular group needs representation but those situations are becoming less noticeable.

But there are so many ironies in the NDP insistence on gender equity? This is a political party that prides itself on being democratic and fair and without bias etc. etc. Yet it does not trust its members to select female candidates who can do good jobs (Carole James, Jenny Kwan, Joy MacPhail, Rosemary Brown and on and on) without some kind of rule to force them to do so.

If I am not mistaken, when Gary retires, under current rules, the next NDP candidate to represent the North Coast will have to be a female. (I really hope I am wrong here.) And that is because … the people in the local NDP are too stupid to select a good female candidate over an incompetent male?

And I have to wonder about the mix in the top three positions. If they wanted to (and I am not sure why they want to) but if they want to then, the president and the treasurer have to be a male and a female. Keep it in the background. Then the leader, the face of the party, could be either sex.

Next election: The Keystone Kops take on organized crime.

Maybe I will cry.

I always thought carol james was a tranny hence having both a male and female name. How does that work out in their formula?

There are times like now when I feel very frustrated with my party. Suffice it to say that I think the NDP should select the best person to be the leader of the NDP.

the problem with the NDP is they are stuck in the past, most still think business is bad and evil, get over it and modernize, start with getting rid of the Union’s guarantee of a percentage of delegates at all conventions even the ones to elect a new leader, that means party members do not vote on those delegates, how democratic is that? if unions want to donate fine, run delegates but put them up for a vote like all delegates have to do fine, but get rid of the guarantee part

I am hopeful they will boot Moe Sihota from his position.

relax people …its a slow news day…

i would never call any political party “my party” just for the simple fact that if they pisss me off i can go somewhere else…

Don’t get your panties in a knot.
There’s no shortage of party members willing to give Moe a sex change if necessary.