Shots heard in the 1900 block of Seal Cove Circle

Did anyone else hear the shot last night, Thursday, June 14/202? I think it was between midnight and 1am. It woke me, and I heard a cop being dispatched to check it out. Whoever reported it said someone was poaching deer.

After a bit, the cop radiod in to say he didn’t find anything.

I’ve heard other shots in the night but they sounded like 22; this one was louder or maybe just closer.

Any thoughts?

Yes - I live near this area and I also heard what sounded like a gun shot around 12:30AM…I was awake watching TV at the time in bed, but it was unmistakable what it was.

maybe a phone call to the police would be the better route…ummmkay. 250-624-2136 prince Rupert non-emergency number.

The police WERE called; the police DID check it out. Usually when they are called and they check it out, the conclusion is that it must be fireworks. (I listen to my scanner.) This time they didn’t mention fireworks; they only said they couldn’t find anything.

All I know is that I am down to one deer, a fairly skittish yearling doe. (Apparently she likes everything in the garden, too.)

Never fear it was a targeted hit, it looked like the victim was carrying milk and a jug of gasoline.

OK, Jesus, your’ve entered my heart…

That’s not all.

Now there’s a thought.