Shoreline excursion operators provide a positive trend from cruise ship season

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has tabulated their numbers from the 2008 cruise season, giving a few glimpses into the state of the now five year old industry on the North Coast.

The season which came to an end in September, proved to be a successful one for shoreline excursion operators by volume, as they had a 21 per cent increase in the number of visitors using their services in 2008. The shoreline excursion trips provided 2.4 million dollars in income for the operators in the city, as six thousand more tourists took advantage of their tours from last years numbers…

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These figures are coming from the red faced no comment on loosing a ship port authority?
Seems a little weird…AND the truth will eventually come out.  The proof will be in the pudding for next year.  MAybe the port can offer dirty crab plant tours??  Or are they already including that in the facts and figures?