Shopping village back in the news

The Shopping village on Highway 16 is expected to see the construction phase begin in the spring of 2007. That according to a story on the Northern View website. … 1381&more=

Developers hopeful for spring construction start
By Shaun Thomas
The Northern View
Sep 20 2006

Royop, the company proposing to construct a large retail development on the old B.C. Hydro grounds, continues to work with the city to complete the rezoning of the additional nine acres of land they acquired in July, but the company’s Vice President of Development Melvin Foht said residents shouldn’t expect to see work begin on the facility anytime soon.

“I was in Prince Rupert on September 6 and met with City Manager Gord Howie. We went through a number of things related to the project, I brought them up to date on the plans and we have the transportation studies for the site underway. The formal application for rezoning hasn’t gone in to the city yet, but it should be going in shortly.”

“We hope to have the rezoning complete by the end of the year. Council has to do their procedure and we understand that-By next spring I hope to be able to start construction on the development site itself,” he added.

And while the proposed outline for a Canadian Tire store appears on the development plan on the company’s website and has been there for some time, Foht said nothing has been finalized regarding the stores that would be coming to the city when the development opens.

“That is not confirmed, I can assure you. It is no secret that we are looking at them and they have been looking to Prince Rupert for a long time, so hopefully we can make something happen,” he said.

Here’s  the Royop website with it’s PR material and diagrams…

There are legal reasons why the developer isn’t going to announce anything until the contracts are signed and the companies themselves decide it’s time to announce they are coming. As for the time involved… they had the plan set to go, but they purchased more land. Now they have to re-design the project, re-zone the new land, put together transportation studies and work out new plans for water/sewer requirements, plus much more. It all takes time.