Shopping in Terrace


It really is amazing at $1.45+ a litre for fuel, it’s still worth it to shop in Terrace…
I was surprised at how many people from Rupert I ran into yesterday…
You just cannot beat walmart for selection and price… 
Canadian Tire is pretty cool as well… For  Service, Value and Selection in the NorthWest Terrace is the place… 
I am so tired of that dam Mall here…


As a local consumer, yes Prince Rupert is limited to that of Terrace, But I’ll never trade to live there. !!!
I go to Terrace maybe 2 to 3 times a year, just to get away. And when Im on my way home, I’m so grateful that I live in this community!!

If I cant find what I need here; I will shop eBay or other online stores.

I’m glad your shopping experience was good eyesonrupert…


Thanks, oh I agree I would never live in Terrace… 
Also enjoyed the Farmers Market there too…
The folks there tell me that they have no plans at that gas price to bring produce to Rupert for our so called Markets…


shopping is good in terrace but there is more to shopping in rupert than “the damn mall”


yeah there is more than “the damn mall” but really what have we got?
Third Ave is bleak…


You’d be surprised at the amount of Terrace people (and beyond) that shop “in that damn mall” every day.  If you aren’t doing anything to make it better, how about you stop complaining??


I like Staples in Terrace. When they want to get rid of something, they cut the price to the bone to get rid of it!
Prince George Staples is disgusting by comparison. The bargain bin is always full of crap no one would even want, and the price is reduced ‘slightly’.
Bought a couple dozen 1 GB USB stix in Terrace for $5 ea back in April. Last week PG had 512MB ones ‘reduced’ to $10.99…


Really there is nothing in that damn place worth buying …except for Extra Foods and banking I don’t buy much there…  The odd stuff at Zellers and than get mad when I see the same thing way cheaper at Walmart


smartass there is not as many terrace people coming down hear to shop, those people are going else wear, like fishing to the QCI, or Alaska and come September its only locals, and ya they have a beta ( or better shoes store) in terrace.

Our mall is pathetic, more then 60 percent  empty we have nothing to offer

ohh another Doller store!!

just my rant for the day :smiley:


Computer geeks would never shop for stuff in a store called Beta. The products there aren’t really ready for release.

They’d be looking for the GM store instead.


They should change the name of the mall to DAMN MALL, HAS A NICE RING TO IT :laughing:


I agree!! 

There have been rumours of an up grade at that Damn Mall. I guess time will tell, we all recall the recent events or lack of events surrounding the new box store development out the highway…


there is lower 3rd and also cowbay for shopping.  Of course depends on what you are looking for!


cow bay is cute for tourists, but for practical shopping it is too expensive $$ for me …
It is great for visitors to shop there, and I enjoy Breakers…


For the size of this town, the shopping is pretty decent.  Go to any small town and the shopping sucks compared to larger towns.  It’s just a fact of life.  If you want to more shopping, then move where there are more people.


terrace is a small town… and look at the shopping there, which is the whole point 


The Terrace mall sucks ass more than our mall does HANDS DOWN.  It’s so bad, Gemma’s is outta there, as is the A&W. 

But if you want to sit and play Keno all day… the Terrace mall is great for that.  No one will ever be standing in your view of the Keno board!


Yes you’re right on that count, that Skeena Mall is in one sad shape, if it wasn’t for Coles and their discount books (damn you for leaving Rupert, look how many times you’ve lost out on 6.99 sales!) I don’t think I’d even stop there.

Even when Gemma’s was there, the only real thing they had of interest was the fudge and once I discovered that little old lady at the Farmer’s Market they lost my sales on that commodity…

There’s not much in the mall, but the big box stores are sure doing their job, anytime that I’m downt he highway I can count on running into dozens and dozens of Rupertites at Canuckistan Tire, Walter’s Emporium, that store named after a desk object and the Food store everyone seems to think is a Costco but isn’t…

As for the little stores downton, other than Big Bob’s can’t say as I’ve found much of interest there, makes our downtown merchant strip look thriving by comparison.

But it’s the big boxes that are doing the damage that’s for sure… 


Blame it on the big boxes all you want, but I personally hate shopping malls. For me the concept of everyone hanging out in one big concrete box just isn’t appealing, no matter how great the stores in it are.


Well I guess you’re saving gobs of money on gas then every Saturday, since there would be no need to head to Terrace… :wink: