Shop Rental

Does anyone know where I can rent a shop?  It doesn’t need to be a big shop.  I just don’t have enough room in my garage at home.  Thanks.

LMAO!  YOU can’t rent a shop to live in They don’t make them that bigum.


Starting new projects big guy >?

Thats code for “Dog House”!!! :smiley:

Yeah right. He loves the dog house… Piece and quiet away from every one. It’s not dog house time yet tho.


Dog House.  HAHAHAHA. Too funny.  I go where I want to.  It’s more a sanctuary, some where to regain my sanity.  My gaage is full of house materials right now as I am still doing reno’s and I would ike to finish my car before I die!  I am also looking at a 1971 Oldsmobile to restore as well.    I also want to start doing car audio installs again.  So I need more space. 

NO chance of regaining any sanity until the WIFE is pleased…aka…completing the current renos before any car restorations and stereo installs  :imp:

I have 24 more yearsto pay it off sothat gives me 23 1/2 years to finish it.  Then we call sell it and do it all over again.  YAY!!!

So no one knows of any available?  Maybe I should check with the realtors.  I never thought of that.  LOL