Shoe Tree

Does anyone know the history of the shoe tree?

The shoes are all that remains of the dirty hippy tree huggers.

Considering how more feet keep turning up, I’d be a little afraid to get too close to the shoe tree.

No need to worry the feet are turning up with the shoes on.  You can rest assured the shoe tree didnt have a hand in that.

Or a foot?

Ha ha funny guys…

the story goes… some guys were hiking on the butze trail and one of the men lost his shoe in the wet muskeg, after a dry spell the shoe popped up and another hiker found it and nailed or hung the lost shoe to the tree.  thus starting the shoe tree, or the tree of lost soles.
this is what we tell the tourists any ways

Can anyone post a recent picture of the Shoe Tree?  I want to see if my shoes are still there!  That was one thing we did before we left PR.  All four members of our family went to attach a pair of old shoes to the tree.

i heard another explanation, my friend tells me that when he and a group went out to work on the trail they nailed their busted up muddy work shoes on the tree as some kind of gesture…I should have a white vans out there still I hope… :wink:

here u go

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Now I have to remember where they are. :confused:

Um, I’m pretty sure that the Shoe Tree in PR was a homage to the Shoe Tree around Port Hardy.

I did put a pair of my old Reebok pumps up there awhile ago…and are they still up there NO! some ideeeeeot took them off the tree and is probably wearing them right now.
Stupid Idiot they have holes in them from me nailing them to the Tree.

I guess shoes with holes are better than no shoes at all.

Yeah, and there’s always that shoe goo stuff.

And now for a short musical interlude…

Glad to be of service :smiley: