Ship in harbour

Anyone know what happened to that ship that’s in the harbour with the stuff all over the side of it?
Just wondering.

It was really a whaling ship. When they went to shoot the last whale before coming to Prince Rupert the spear impaled a set of explosives set inside the whale by Terrorists (their own suicide bombing belugas) and Kablamo! Whale mist painted the side of the boat.

Last two cargoes on that ship prior to this one were nickel ore and cement. Both are fairly dirty dusty cargoes and appeared to have been unloaded with a shore gantry system. Likely, the ship went alongside, a gantry was extended to the hold(s) and a clamshell grab ran out to the ship on the rails of the gantry, dropped down into the hold to scoop up cargo and then ran back to the shore side.

This, repeated over several days results in a significant amount of cargo spilled onto the deck and down the side of the ship.

Thanks…we were all speculating cause we’d never seen anything like that before.