Shell Canada Out

Shell Canada out!

Told ya so.

oh and look who’s back mister sunshine with his doomsday no go predictions

Grant the project is not dead correct ?

Grant, I’ve moved your post (and its replies) to a new topic, as it’s not about the Lelu Island protesters

Please try and not be spammy. Kitimat and Prince Rupert aren’t the same place, and these links had nothing to do with that topic.

I guess we should be thankful you didn’t use any French accents, though, nor did you copy and paste the entire articles.


Listen to the audio vault…the time…February 4th/2016…Time slot…10:33 am to 10:50 am…

What you will hear is…a balloon going pop!

As usual Grant is exaggerating things. The FID is delayed until the end of the year while they try to reduce costs. Here’s a quotation from a Shell spokesperson:

“The LNG Canada joint venture partners have agreed that due to market conditions, it makes sense to shift the FID decision to late 2016. In the meantime, the joint venture will continue to work on the competitiveness of the project,” Shell Canada spokeswoman Tara Lemay said in a statement.

cue up 10:00 am february 4th…fast forward to 10:34 am…Talk to you later.

Try this…Sound cloud…

No, I don’t use French accents…Although I am fond of French licks!

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Shell halts LNG Canada FID,shell-halts-lng-canada-fid_41660.htm


Me thinks this Grant G dude needs to eat a Snickers. He sounds grumpy. Someone must have been mean to him up here at one time. :laughing:

I imagine they did this for the hell of it.

Petronas leased the new space 8 months ago…The new space still isn’t ready…Petronas was already leasing space in Vancouver…The new space is only a little bit bigger…Petronas signed the lease 8 months ago, …If Petronas walked away from the lease they would have to pay for it anyway, that’s how leases work…Furthermore…

Petronas bought(5 years ago) and now owns Progress Energy, a fracking/drilling company…Progress energy needs support staff in Canada anyway…

Progress energy sells natural gas to Fortis and the USA…Pretty thin gruel Gracies’mom!

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