Shell Canada buys Methanex Site

looks like Shell will go to Kitimat if they go ahead with their LNG plant … story.html

In early summer Shell was reported to be looking at Prince Rupert as per the article here on hackingthemainframe, now instead of sending letters to 25 retailers, did our Mayor and economic officer send any letter to Shell to inquire more about it? if not why? for it looks like we lost out on maybe an $8billion project. I also would like to know those running for office what they think about this announcement.

Maybe ask your questions on the new site dedicated to local issues, Skeena Institute, currently they have a section where you can ask these kinds of questions to the candidates.

Check it out.

I’m pretty sure the decision to go to Kitimat with the LNG pipeline was a done deal a few years ago. Originally Prince Rupert and Kitimat were both looked at, but if I remember right they decided to go with Kitimat because there was less chance of landslides for the pipeline and less costs associated with building it along that route. Really don’t think council could have done anything to influence the final decision since its not like they can control the cost of building the pipeline or change the terrain.

Some more information on the Shell purchase and an interesting aside that the Chinese are looking at the possibility of building a port for Kitimat, (no details on what kind of port, container, bulk goods etc) … om+to+boom?

At any rate, Kitimat seems to be a little more proactive in attracting what probably will be good paying jobs, though I imagine, the majority of these are kind of falling into their laps more or less.

At least they aren’t involved in never ending court cases, like a certain city council we might know!

Update: Did a little digging, this is what the Chinese group are all about … ities.html