Shames Closure

teehee, good thing i was too lazy to get up this morning. I wonder who went.

we’ll i was heading up to see some nice powder today left @ 8am, got to about 5 min away from shames was following traffic and car veered to the right and i was of the road, not horrible but bar enough 10 people couldn’t get it out, 3 hours later a guy pulled us out with a chain so we decided to just head home and here i am there was about a total i hear about 10-15 cars in the ditch, horrible and the hair pin on the shames road was horrible cars sliding down, so all and all i didn’t miss a wicked day, everyone did.

Well, out here in the east, I haven’t been able to ski yet. Two small hills are located within an hour from my place and because of either bad timing or bad weather, I still didn’t ski. I’m starting to feel like I want to spend a whole lot of money on a ski vacation in Maine or somewhere where there would be snow.

There is absolutely no snow on the ground here. In a regular year, according to people who’ve been here a long time, there would easily be 2-3 feet that would remain throughout the winter. I haven’t seen more than 10 inches of snow cover so far.

I left my house at 9:30 and made it to the turn-off to Shames at around 10:00 (followed a grater the whole way). I drove up and noticed so many people going the opposite direction so I was suspicious… but dedicated. So anyway, got to the switchback, saw the line-up, and drove home. Good thing, too, I knew the roads would just get worse which is why I left early and, well, I’m glad to know that my car and I made it home in one piece.

My dad went to check out the accidents because my grandpa (PR resident) was one of the people to go off the road near Shames, I guess a couple National Car Rental vans were in the ditch and a bunch of other vehicles all in the same spot.

We need pictures.

ha! some truck pulled over and asked if they could get a picture of us with the car… im pretty sure she works at 7-11 so i want that pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, come on Prince Rupert, somebody get down to Sev and ask her for the photo!

Also, Tim, change your avatar.

Friggin’ boneriffic!

Oilberta doesn’t see that kind of snow… Nor do they even make that kind of snow…

[quote=“MiG”]Well, come on Prince Rupert, somebody get down to Sev and ask her for the photo!

Also, Tim, change your avatar.[/quote]

we’ll i went down to see and shes not working tonight, i will get it and then whatnot… and hey whats the matter with the avatar, just showing some love for my member

Damn do they ever need a new website. That doesn’t present a professional appearance at all…


^ The site was actually designed by a University of Alberta Design student. It was decent when it first came out, but since then it’s been hacked to death by whoever’s been updating it.

They should pay me $2,000 and I’ll make them a new one… hah, fat chance with the way this season has looked.

Hacked to death is a perfect description of that site.


Wouldnt be so bad without that ugly ass orange color.

I figure it serves it’s purpose, all anyone looks at is the snow report.