Server time

MiG: Fix the time on your server. Every post is an hour behind what the time acutally is.

Actually, just checked, the server time is fine. You can set your timezone in your profile.

The server just uses GMT as the time, and you can change it depending on your timezone. Visitors (not logged in) get the proper timezone.


ok lets try this.

Nope for some reason I see my posts (and others) come through an hour behind. My profile settings show GMT -8 too, which is correct.

Well whatever its only time…

Edit: ok crap this now shows up right, or at least I think it does. Only can see 4: in the post heading.

ahhh I give up. Going home.

Looks like the HTMF meet would have been fun to go to. Was hoping to get there but got bogged down. Have to make sure for next time.

I’m set to GMT-8, and all my times are an hour behind as well on this page.

Welcome to PDT (Pacific ‘Daylight’ Time)… -7 hours, not 8. I don’t understand the theory behind it, but I need to file my flightplans in Zulu time (GMT) and this time of year it’s a difference of only 7 hours, not 8… I blame daylight savings.

Anyhow, does the same thing… If i set the server to GMT, and my time to -8, it works, but anyone else who ignores the profile info gets an incorrect time or date. That’s why I removed the clock from the menubar, since the date was often wrong late in the night and the time was always wrong, people used that as an excuse for being late or missing BF1942 matches…

This post was posted at 17:20PM local time, not 16:20. If you see 16:20, set your time to GMT -7hrs. Later in the year things will return to GMT -8hrs. FUNKY eh?

You’re right. I wish the profile thing would let you select “PDT” as your time zone, rather than GMT-n.

I guess GMT is always GMT then. They must not have ‘daylight savings’ over there.

Yeah, it’s called British Summer Time or some such nonsense, and it’s off by an hour as well.

Yeah, if you don’t set your time zone, it will default to the correct time in BC.

If you do set your time zone, then it will be wrong half of the year :wink: So you can either leave it as the default, or change it every time the clocks change.