Seriously help before MAY 16th!

Okay! Very quick!!!

I just formatted my computer.  Windows XP Pro reinstalled, plus AVG and ZONEALARM… Secure.

Then I need to heard musak, so I try to download SB Audigy drivers, and I do that, I think… But nothing comes up on the speakers after reeboot…

I can hear every single sound imaginable when I put my headphones into the FRONT jack on the tower, but what’s up with my legit speakers on the rest of the compy???

Very swear-word, leaving City in 2 days…  What’s up???

And I am mostly pretty sure that the speakers ARE plugged into the computar…

Does your motherboard have onboard audio? Maybe you have it enabled, and it’s wired to your FRONT jack(s)? If so, try disabling the onboard audio in the BIOS and rebooting.

Also… Start/Settings/Control Panel/Sound and Audio Devices…

Make sure your audigy is selected, and that your appropriate volume controls are not muted… Like if you’re using a 5.1 setup or something, you might need to select the digital out, or whatever… I’m not sure about that stuff, I’ve never had the legacy of owning a nice sound card.

hi dave, lets hang out ! im still in rupert this weekend.  you too landon. stokin to have some good dudes coming back to hang with… i will be leaving the tuesday after maylong I think

Thanks Landon. The Contorl Panel told me that the “Device is working properly” but I still couldn’t figure it out…

I accidentally installed a dumb DVD codec that came with a really dumb player, so I just formatted again, did everything the same, and now I have sound…Â :neutral_face:

Yeah! Awesome! I figured you’da been back at work by now. Cool news!

I’ll be in town from the 18th to the 25th. Not sure if I’ma “May Long” it or not, maybe for one night, so I’ll deffinately be around the town.

See ya soon!