Sequels & Re-makes

Some sequels are good, but I think some re-makes should not be made. Which one of these movies are you least interested in?

  1. Bewitched
  2. Herbie: Fully Loaded
  3. Land of the Dead
  4. Batman Begins
  5. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory



I saw Batman, i thought it was great. way better than the old ones. the old ones were way too over the top and fake. i didnt like them. but this one was awesome. i loved it.

I enjoyed watching the old Herbie movie a long time ago. i dont wanna see this one though because it looks…well it doesnt look too interesting. except for lindsay lohan of course. I have a friend that watched it, said it was way too kiddie.

I heard Bewitched is gonna be cool because the int eh movie they’re making a movie based on the sitcom…or something liek that? Will Ferrel is hilarious and he’s the only reason i’d watch the movie.

As, for Land of the Dead. Looks dumb. Zombie movies never really appealed to me. I usually get scared with horror movies but zombies never scared me. i dont think i’d enjoy it.

Charley and the Chocolate factory…one word…OOMPA-LOOMPAS. (i think its one word) Johnny Depp looks so weird in the movie. i’d only watch to see all the oompa-loompas.

Oh, and u forgot to mention Dukes of Hazzard in your post.

Watched Batman Begins last week it’s now one of my favourite movies.

Batman Begins rocked, I think Christian Bale did a great job. The first two Batman movies were alright, but they totally went downhill with the two after; it’s good to see improvement.

That’s about the time they put nipples on the batsuit.

Land of the Dead is a remake? Did I miss one?
Zombies and Bruce Campbell flicks rule!

Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing “The Grapes of Wrath” be re-made

It’d be nice to see something worth watching other then Tom Cruise films
(eg. War of the Worlds)