September 19th is talk like a pirate day

We look forward to this day all year, well tomorrow it is here.

International Talk like a pirate day!



ARRRR! Ever been to sea, Billy?

ARRR!!! walk the plank Billy!!! and rest in Davy Jones locker…

AAAARRRRRRR…shiver me timbers there be a storm a brewin.

Aye matey’s it’s  your cash and jewels I’ll be a having!

Blackbeard’s flag

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I learned something interesting today.  Privateers and Corsairs were a form of “legal” piracy.

It seems that the US has kept provision in its constitution to hire privateers to commit acts of privacy even though they renounced doing it.

AAAARRRRRR, pass me the rum, you scurvy dog:-)

Sink me?  No wenches here!  Just a bunch of squiffy scallywag, some loaded to the gunwalls with Nelsons folly, marooned on this poopdeck talking about lost booty and screaming the same chantey over and over again.  This bunch of carousers will end up flogging each other like the bilge rats they are and end up in a gibbet or in a hempen halter. 
I’d rather talk my wherry for a few leagues and take a caulk in it while anchored in a cove.


Hands up: who was in my Java class when I tried to explain the concept of dual inheritance?  Keep your hands up if you actually understood what the heck I was talking about.

Anyone?  Anyone?

I liked it when that GNU SLASH LINUX guy trashed you for your comparing object inheritance to mammals inheriting features from their species. He was such a dork, interrupting everytime someone said Linux to say GNU SLASH LINUX.

Richard M. Stallman?

No, I can’t remember the guy’s name.  He was nice enough, despite the GNU/Linux thing.  What was his name?  Former CHSS student, very knowledgeable about unix, and talked to a couple of IT classes.