Sept.16th. show and tell

Well, I will be very tempted to show all them people who are being invited to our booming community. I am sure there will be many taking walk abouts and I believe it would be refreshing for them to see the different people, actions and just going on’s in our downtown core. This way they may see how such a difference this kind of dog and pony port can add to their areas. But then maybe they already have their shit together in their community, not like our council and what we have been forced to call a mayor. Or are they going to ship all the individuals out of town for the conference?

  :frowning:While I can understand that you are upset with Mayor and Council, it’s unfortunate that you seem to have a willingness to overlook all the good work that is done in this community by such a wide variety of people and organizations. While there definitely is still a lot of work to be done, the only way to get better is by working together not at cross purposes.

I hope that this thread was meant to be tongue in cheek…