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Using fear and confusion to manipulate people’s opinions? Isn’t that what modern Catholicism is all about?

“If you (fill the blank), you are going to hell!”

I’ve heard the same thing so many times from bible thumbers that it hurts me to think of being christian. The whole idea behind the bible was to A) give values to peoples lives, and B) give them something to believe in. The Values part of the bible actually makes sense, and you can learn a lot from the bible. But people who preach the beliefs part dont have much ground left to stand on because it went down the drain, as modern science takes it over with evidence that heaven, hell and everything in between, don’t exist.

-Read this in your head!!! You might run out of breath due to the run on sentances. It was the only way I could kinda sorta get my point across.

Amen to atheism

Ahh, modern science can’t prove that heaven or hell don’t exist. Science can only provide support for a hypothesis and a null hypothesis. If you think about it, there’s no way scientists could find evidence to actually disprove the existence of heaven or hell, or any afterlife for that matter.

Not to do with heaven or hell, not to do with God or the Bible or Christianity.
Small town preacher says even if the people who elected you want this, ‘you must vote no or get out of my church’.
This is why even though our CHP candidate (Rod something) was the most honest, open and straightforward person amongst all the candidates, I would never vote for him. Or any candidate who includes his religion as part of his platform. (or hers)

I don’t mind God, but I have no use for religion. Especially anyone else’s religion. Keep it AWAY from me.

Sure, believe in whatever you want…just don’t go preaching it to everyone you meet…that pisses me off…like those commercials where they say Jesus will save you if you embrace him, so call this number…I want to hit those people. Keep it to yourself. That is what I think anyway.

I personally have no problem with the legal binding of the same sex, just like i have no problem with homosexual men/women. The thing I have the problem with is calling that legal binding marriage.

Marriage is a sacrement in the church, like baptism and communion, and has speccific rules. One of them is that it has to be a man and a woman. I also think that it is unfair for people backing same sex marriage to try to push the churches into agreeing. Christianity has been around for over 2000 years. You can’t change it overnight (or even the process of a few years.)

With that said, it discusts me that the priest in that story wouldn’t give that MP communion. It would be the same as not giving communion to someone who has had a divorce, or not giving a funeral to a person who committed suicide ( a cardinal sin). I think that Catholicism needs to be more clear on its rules, not giving the priests so much room for interpretation.

(please keep in mind that this is the opinion of someone who went to 8 years of Catholic school, and I was never once told in those 8 years that gay people were bad.)

If you commit suicide, you can’t be buried on Church grounds if you were Catholic. Can you have a funeral?? Don’t quote me on it, if I’m wrong sorry.

For many years we have had civil marriages and they haven’t impinged upon or demeaned church marriages. Churches aren’t being called upon to perform same sex marriages unless they want to.

“Jahova has chosen his followers, come to see if you’re on the list!”


The Ankh is the real, original cross. It represents life, and for life to exist you need both male & female. Well along come a bunch of power hungery half wits that turn out to be quite deviously smartly bent espoucing christianiity, chatholoisism to boot. They are all male fraternity, so they take the female off the cross and out of the trinity of the church make her subjective to the males. That is how the abuse started, but it gets better yet. Guy comes in to confession tells the father he sinned and how much. The father tells the goof to do a few things and all is forgiven. So the goof goes out and does his abuse all over again. Next visit same thing. and on it goes. Oh, what about them fathers hitting on little boys and girls for personal pleasure. Most twisted shit I ever heard of, AHMEN!
Give me Budda any day thank you, ain’t no religion and hell is something we create here and now through ignorance. Comprehend Well!