Send an e-mail to Citywest cell phone

If you send an e-mail to, it will be sent as a text message to the Citywest number.  You only get 200 characters or so – keep your message brief!

Sweet!  The timing is a little screwed up (ahead by 8 hours) but I got it!

Text messaging cell to cell works now too, although not on ALL phones.

I’d be wary of sending too many text messages until you know what is covered by your current plan though… there’s no need to be surprised when you get the bill that could possibly charge you X amount per text.

Wow. It even works on my piece of crap phone.

I heard its 15cents a message

can you sent it from hotmail?

I sent one to myself from a gmail account.

hmm wierd I cant do it yet must not be working with the new bell pda phones, so those numbers  were do you put them ?

astro type in the number you want to send it too  not 6240000   

nm i get it i just cant send from phone yet… wierd

Cool.  It works, just sent a message from my gmail account. :sunglasses:

I think it only costs to send texts from your phone but receiving is free usually right?

If so, receive your free text on your cell/pda then find a free wifi area and send from the pda for free too… cool.

Receiving is always free, only pay 15 cents for each txtmsg sent.

Otherwise use this: (for sending to Fido and maybe Rogers cell)

so if i text someone, it’ll go on my next bill?
well…nm, my phone wont text…hmm…

Correct.  I didnt realize rupert was this far in the dark ages… wow.  On a side note any word on rogers getting their towers up? I’m planning a trip to rupert sometime in the next few months and am hoping to have service.

So. Got a brand spankin new phone today.
I found out. That I can send outgoing texts to anyone out of Rupert, but if i try to send them to a rupert phone. No deal.
Also. I seem to be having troubles receiving texts back.

Ahh. This texting thing is too new.

[quote=“bubbasteve735”]Ahh. This texting thing is too new.

Only to Podunk.

I could text out of network, but couldn’t recieve… but everything inside of CityWest worked fine.  Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Everything seems to be good now.
i put 250 in front of the number for in town texting and that seems to work awesome.
the only problem that I still havent figured out is when friends who are on the telus network text me. i get a phone call instead of a text and its some sort of text to landline service.
i hear the message theyve typed me. and i can leave a message for them which they have to call to receive.

weird man.