Senator Craig's career goes down the toilet

Sorry couldn’t resist the above…

At any rate, from that wonderful savior of democracy YouTube, a little clip from the soon to be ex Senator as he whipped up that impeachment fever over Bill Clinton back in the day. 

Funny how your words can come back to haunt you eh!

Mitt Romney probably is wondering how he’s going to explain away his former “go to guy” in Idaho…

Since the family values platform seems to be suffering a few problems all of a sudden…

LMAO :sunglasses:
My how the mighty have fallen…he’s really cruising for a bruising, lol. :smiley:

The GOP has written Craig off as road-kill.  Tried and convicted by the media.  I’m not too choked up by this though:-)


Apparently, that wasn’t all he was cruising for.

You guys should do what most Americans are doing, NOT CARING.
I don’t really care if this guy wanted to gloryhole some cop. 
Every American politician is corrupt in one way or another.
Sht we had a senator who had 90,000 dollars in his fridge.
So what if this guy wants to smoke pole.  To me it’s just funny as hell, he should just come out and admit he likes d
Ahh f*ck it, I’ve given up on government, worthless S.O.B’s.

Carnevil,  Are you american?  If it’s the case then, great!  It’s good to have perspective from everywhere and I, for one, welcome your comments ( even though I might choose less crude language myself). 
If you are american, do you think that your comment about corruption of elected official is generalized among the public?  Or is it more a generation thing? Either way, it’s pretty scary to think that our neighbours to the south have a lower opinion of politician than we do here because the trust isn’t too high here.

Yeah I’m American.
Most Americans believe the U.S. government is corrupt.  Our government cares more about special interests than it does the people.
You should see some of the things our government spends money on.  Bridges to nowhere, a million dollars for an alien telescope array for seti, it’s ridiculous.  The telescope thing was part of our defense budget.  Apparently we’re not only defending against jihadists but aliens as well.

The Senate right now has a lower approval rating than Bush.

Democrats, Republicans they’re all the same, they both talk out of their asses.

OMG some of us must sound like screaming commies to you… :smiley:

Yeah, this is very sad.  The new Senate is ineffective; the Senators seem intimidated by President Bush.  The Senate and Congress were elected by the people as a reaction to Iraq.  As a voter who is very much left of center I was excited by this radical shift in power in America.  These lame ducks should remember that they can and will be replaced unless they engage the executive branch and do battle.

Craig has resigned.