Selecting the President

lol i did copy and past and I apologies for not putting up the url to the sources.
please except my humble apologies
with this pic


The easiest way to tell he stole that piece - “hegemony.”

Not true, it’s the bullets that kill people. 8)

Its totally your organs that kill you.


Not true, it’s the bullets that kill people. 8)[/quote]

Unless one clobbers a person with the butt of the gun.

fugu fish don’t… UURR

Dude, life is the most precious thing in the world.

so is this situation just as fucked as everyone thinks it is??

bunch of stories in the news lately about iran. are they already starting to bang the drums??? i dont even think the us can militarily make the moves right now…

i understand the british, french and germans went over and started making friendly chat w/ iran about the their nuclear programs. were they that worried about that shit hitting the fan with gwb at the helm of the s.s. asskicker???