Seeking Artist

I think the name of the song is “I feel”,

but the lyrics sound like this…

“Daddy…can come out…Daddy can I come out and hunt tonight”

“I feel like taking a life…”

something like that.

Does anyone know that song and who sings it? 8)

Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Rippin Kitty. … en_Boy.htm

It wasn’t really a dumb question, but I wanted to use this image:

Seriously, that was like 5 seconds on google. I typed in “I feel like taking a life lyrics” and found it on google right away.

Thank you Mig …“You da Man” :smiley:

That song makes me feel funny. :open_mouth:

Like when you used to climb the rope in gym class?

Under our post counts, we should have “Wayne’s World Refrences” counts.

Well, that felt good, but makes me feel funny means something like…

PSYCHO! :open_mouth:

I went to school with a girl who liked to grind the bar of her desk. You know the tubing that connects the seat of the desk to the tabletop? Ya that one :unamused:
Have you guys ever seen that lady in Rupert that like to grind her bicycle?? She has a tattoo of two cherries on her chest, she is pretty hard to miss.
Some people need to realize it is not right to do that sort of stuff in public :unamused: