Season 5 of the Wire

Hey, Season 5 of the Wire has started…  Watching the first episode right now.

Great, one of the best shows to be put on the tube. What’s the theme of this season? Last year was the schools and politics if I remember correctly…

Hmm, never mind found this on the Movie Central website, looks like police cutbacks, newspaper downsizing and how the media impact on police investigations are the themes for this year…

Should be another good season of television :smiley:

I saw the first episode tonight on Movie Central (I know how archaic eh, watching television) I think I like the latest twist for the plot.

Using the collapse of the city finances, the cutbacks in policing and the pending cutbacks to the newspaper seems like a nice story arc.

Particularly found some humour in the line of a weak ass mayor, in a broke ass city… kind of sums up where the show is heading this year.

Looking forward to the next few weeks, it’s been one of my favourite shows for the last few years now…

Woohoo! I love this show. Thanks for letting us know Mig.

Preaching to the choir here I know, but here’s a review, well more of a mention actually from MSNBC…

I’ve watched the first two or three seasons…

The first one was drugs, then the dock workers union… I think I must be somewhere in the middle of the 3rd season, but I stopped watching it for some reason.

Anyhow, one of the best dramas I’ve had the pleasure of watching, that’s fo’ sho.

The first episode of season 5 is setting the stage already …  I think of all the seasons, this is the first time you had a clear idea what the season’s about in episode 1.

Too bad this is the last season, though.  It’s very well written and great TV.  When people say that TV sucks, point to stuff like The Wire as evidence that TV can be awesome.

Man oh man… all this time with a lie detector right in my office and I didn’t know it!

LOL, yeah that was great “the bigger the crime, the more they believe” :unamused:

That was fricken hilarious.

I watched episodes 1 and 2 tonight. Still one of the best shows on TV. For some reason episodes 5, 6, and 7 are on the net but not 3 and 4. I’m going to wait since you shouldn’t watch these things out of order.

Man I’m going to miss this show when it stops. Kind of like “The Shield”.

Found an interesting article on the show from the Tyee website, this one looks at comparisons between Vancouver and Baltimore and the different plot lines of the show in relation to the two cities.  Might be a bit of a stretch at times, but some of it is fairly interesting reading…

Just watched episode 2.  This is already the best season yet, I think.

I’m up to episode 7.  This is pretty good stuff.

Anybody else watching it?

I’ve also started watching Season 1 of “Intelligence” which is a Canadian drama.  Pretty good so far.

I agree this is a pretty great wind up for what has been one of the best series on TV so far, Poor Jimmy McNulty, he’s kind of gone off the deep end now, creating crime in order to try and get the proper resources.

I also like the way the newspaper theme is developing, I smell that there’s a particular reporter in the arc who might be “creating the news”, perhaps he and McNulty should get together eh!

I think I’ve only seen up to episode three thus far, have to go looking for 4-7 so I can get ahead of the curve.

Intelligence was a good series, but only had a two year run, it seems to have ended this season with Chris Haddock and the CBC taking shots at each other, I think that means that he probably won’t be creating a season three.

Which is too bad cause it was a much better project than the goofy puck bunny show they run on Friday nights now.


It gets better and better.  Keep watching.

The Newspaper guy reminds me of Jayson Blair:

yep I think that’s where they are heading with the story arc, last week his “interview” with the Oriole’s fan which he couldn’t provide a name or background of, seemed to tweak the interest of his city desk editor.

I think that’s why he didn’t give him the big police boss story, instead left him to make calls for comments, a fine bit of putting in place for a hot shot journalist eh!

Simply one of the best shows on tv these days by far… 

I’m up to number seven now and I am still impressed with this show. I love the duality of the two liars and how things start to unravel around them. Both for a personal gain of sorts, but one seemingly for the greater good. Actually on top of that sits the plot line of three people playing out scenario’s for personal gain if you count Marlow in that.

I’d love to see a season six, but I’d also hate to see this show stop after it peters out on too many watered down seasons “just cause”.

All ye fans of the best ole show on the tube today will find this article from the Atlantic of interest. Mr. Simon explains how he is the way he is and  by that we learn the process hat has made The wire such a great show.

A Good read for those interested in the show and in television for that matter.