Search for missing swimmer in Terrace - Aug. 6th

Terrace RCMP continue the search for a swimmer who was last seen jumping in the Skeena River.

Alvin Clayton, a 28-year-old Nisga’a man from Greenville was swimming with friends Sunday night when he did not resurface.

A rescue boat searched the area until dark but Clayton was not found.

RCMP said several first nations communities have offered to assist in the search, and have advised the Skeena River’s fast current and strong undertow pose a hazard to swimmers.

Read it on Global News: Global BC | RCMP continue search for missing swimmer … story.html

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. Keep your eyes open and prayers to the family.

If you can spare it, donations of snacks and water are needed at the Kitsumkalum boat launch for those searching for the body of Alvin Clayton. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Fuel and 2 cycle oil would be greatly appreciated

Update: Christine - Despite the news broadcast that Search and Rescue as well as RCMP have called off the search. We are still out at Fisherman’s Park. We have various people donating their time and their boats to continue the search. We need to bring him home. :heart:

Elvira A Benson (From Facebook)
From his Auntie Maggie Patsey posted to Global BC
Our search for Alvin Clayton Jr. continues. Thank you all for the continued support to assist with the community led search. We would like to especially thank the determination and support of the searchers; both water & land crews, on boat & foot search and rescue teams from, Gitwinksihlkw, Lakaltsap, Gingolx, and Gitlakdamix, Kitsumkalum, Kitselas, Kitimat, Gitous, Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii & the Terrace Search & Rescue team; Thank you all for continuing to come out. Your efforts ease our aching hearts as we grieve our loved one. I can’t imagine what we would do without your support, kindness and love.

In addition, the generous continued support of people donating food and goods to feed supporters. The wonderful cooks helping to feed searchers and supporters. The searchers are pulling long days; up to 14 - 16 hour days. Thank you to members of the public who have provided donations to assist with our search. Thank you for the songs and con tinued prayers to soothe our aching hearts. The continued support & kindness you continue to share is absolutely wonderful. You each give us the hope and resources to continue in our efforts to find Alvin Jr and bring him home.

May your hearts, homes and communities be forever blessed with the same abundance you have shared.

Anyone wishing to donate or contribute to assist the continued search is asked to come to the Kitsumkalum Landing or call Maggie @

Donations can also be provided through Nisga’a community government offices at

Lakaltsap - 1 (250) 621-3212
Gitlakdamix - 1-250-633-3100
Gingolx - 1 (250) 326-4212
Gitwinksihkw -1-250-633-2294
— at kitsum kalum by the river.