Seal hunt

I guess Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd society is persona non grata in many places now.  The fishermen from the French islands of St-Pierre & Miquelon near Newfoundland didn’t appreciate the way he reacted to the death of the four seal hunters from the Magdalen Islands.

Why dont you blow up the spca about it… oh wait.

Sorry, I missed that :confused:

I believe he’s going back a couple of years now to this controversry… … 5164475176

Thanks for refreshing my memory.  That was a very interesting thread.

I wouldn’t want to offend a sealhunter.
By telling him it’s 2008 or something like that.

Replace the word sealhunter with fisherman.

to put a spin doctoring tree hugging approach to the seal hunt?
When the seal hunters arent hunting seals…they are fishing im sure.
It is what it is…seals eat fish…biologists have factored in the ecosystem and stocks approach.  Obvioulsy there is an abundance of seals…or else they would ban it all togther.
Just my 2 cents

Speaking economically MiG is correct.
It wasn’t the seals that made the fish disappear. 100% human greed did that.
Otherwise get used to dodging paint and picketers if you hunt whales, trap, seal or light up a stogie in a restaurant.

No, just making the point that seal hunting is just as “barbaric” and pre-2008 as fishing.  Yeah, they shoot seals, but how do fish die when they are caught?

I don’t think sealhunting is any different than how we treat other animals.  How many chickens do we kill every year, compared to seals?

Bash their heads in! 

Mig, was your avtar always that freaky?  I just noticed it moves…scary. 

How is that different than killing fish, or other animals?

Most sealers I know would rather shoot the seals, by the way.  Much easier, though it doesn’t play well for the cameras.

Lets stop eating chicken and pigs and cows also.
That should put the tree huggers to bed.  I wonder if Paul Watsons freezer contains any chicken or beef?
I will do my part and never eat flipper pot pie anymore.

Pictures of chickens being killed, or fish flopping around (I wonder why they are flopping around like that?) don’t get press attention, or donations.

I eat Seal, but I’m not sure how they died before i ate the stew …

Your granny clubbed the shit out of it…kinda pre tenderization

lol maybe  :smiley:

Who’s talking barbarism?
We eat the fish.
I’ll equate trapping & seal hunting. They’re after the fur for some vain bitch to flaunt.
The some people sometimes eat some of it doesn’t cut it.

Some behaviours are no longer socially tolerated in 2008. I engage in some of those too.

You know herbie, you almost had me agreeing with you…until the hipocritical part of it.
Its the nature of business.  Supply and demand.  People want the fur coats.  So now the east coasters will go out and hunt em.  Their renumeration?  $$$$$
Its not a big deal.
Just as disturbing is the life of chickens and cattle, and how they meet their maker.  Fur coats keep us warm right???

Or a trophy of a moose, or a wolf hide, or a bear rug.  Those animals were killed too.

Again, the only real difference between the seal hunt and any other animal killing is that the seal hunt attracts a lot of media, it attracts a lot of donations as well. 

Nobody’s going to give Paul Watson any money to go protest killing of fish for Sushi, or killing of chickens for KFC, or killing of sable for those awesome hats.