Seafest photos

Some photos from the Shish-kabob-fest parade today.

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If you can’t see the slideshow above, you can see it here: … 0270962498

Great pictures, you seem to have captured the day quite well…

I noticed that you didn’t give as much space to the English soccer fans though as you did to the folks supporting Portugal…

Also, wonder what the police officer in the mascot uniform did to earn that particular duty today…

great photos!  i’ll add some of my own tomorrow.  I think I’m going to steal your camera though, 'cause it takes much better pictures than my own!

You’re going to have to get your son in the parade next year, Mig. He certainly seemed determined today to join in.

Hello MiG, very nice pictures you’ve taken I’m not even close to knowledgeable in the photography department but I must say that your pictures are awesome!

Nice, I heard the parade was really big this year.
I didn’t get to that part, my ride left at nine. No way in hell I was getting up that early.

Did anyone get down to the car show this year? I certianly didn’t see anyone…  :angry:

Thanks MiG for posting these.

Nice pictures…thank you

Excellent pictures, MiG.  Thanks! :sunglasses:

I noticed that you didn’t give as much space to the English soccer fans though as you did to the folks supporting Portugal…[/quote]

Man, England fans sure are quiet these days.  Almost as quiet as Greek fans.

How about those Swiss?  Okay, still not in the final 8, but they beat your homeland’s team!!

Did anyone get a photo of the giant newspaper that was walking around?

yeah i did o.o

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LOL, well I guess that would be a better barb if the Portugal side had actually played some guys that were regulars…  Kind of like watching the rec soccer team take over for the day, though for the Swiss it was nice, gives them bragging rights over the co hosts, though no free beer… Cheap ass swiss breweries…

Be interesting to see which team Mig’s heroes line up against next…

I loved the picture of Old Ms Greene.  That lady is ageless.  I remeber her taking me to boy scout camps on digby island.  She looks the same today as she did 30 yrs ago.  I am sure she is up for some sort of lifetime dedication award to the scouting movement, just like Baden Powell.

Great Shots Mig.

Who were those people in the “I heart NY” t-shirts?

Spectrum Dance.

Correct, they went on a trip last year to New York.