SD52 - School Trustees

With all the schools closing and now talks of laying off more teachers and possibly closing more schools, why do we need so many trustees?  Maybe we should cut down one trustee for every school they close. 

Actually a good idea, except which trustee would you cut?
Would it be done by seniority, IQ, EQ, attendance at meetings or common sense?

Quite interesting, if we were the Planet of the Apes. But, since we’re not, I imagine the ministry will decide it, based on numbers.

Could always use the Thunderdome approach “two men enter, one comes out”…

Heh, that reminds me of the scene in the Dark Knight when the Joker hands the broken pieces of a pool cue to two thugs and tells them that there is a job available for “one of you.”  :smile:

bwahahahaha. If one half is given to Louisa Sanchez, I don’t like the chances of the other trustee.

I think the school trustees can decide how many are needed.