SD 52 throws up the white flag with the Fraser Institute!

My kid just phoned me from school and tells me that the high schools have decided that the Fraser Institute reports are correct, that education is a mess in Prince Rupert.

With the SD coming to that conclusion they have decided that some drastic measures apparently are needed.

Since the Grade 8 test scores were so much higher than the Grade 12 grads last year (and they have an advance look at this years numbers too it turns out) the schools will immediately begin a mentoring program, where the Grade 8’s will help out the Grade 12’s in the prep for graduation this year.

I found a link on the net that outlines the whole thing, a presentation that is being shown to all classes this morning.

and happy april 1 to you too :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure it’s just an April Fools" joke? My daughter came home with her FSA results…the walking brain dead. Nothin like good ole inspiring education.