Scuba Diving Course

If you are interested in getting your PADI Scuba diving ticket blue H20 Sports will be coming back to town may 7th for a week. course runs around $250.00 for the curse and they provide all study materials and gear. If you are interested drop me a PM and i will pass on more information

Here is the info:

May 7th -12th with courses with your choice of mornings, afternoons, or evenings. they are very good at working around your schedule.

$249.00 + gst includes all scuba equipment and course materials

Registration Monday May 7th at 7pm meet at Adventure tours in cowbay

Call Trent to sign up 627-6990 and for more info

Is Ota doing the instructionÉ

Yep him and cheryl

I’d go again, but I won’t be anywhere near rupert :frowning: