Screen brightness


The screen on my iBook seems to get more or less bright depending on how bright the room is. Is there any way to stop this and set the brightness manually?


Is it actually adjusting by sensing the brightness? Or do you just think it is? Shine a flashlight on it to test. Do it have a sensor that measures the light?

Your normal brightness controls don’t work?


during the day, if I turn the brightness down to the lowest level, I can still slightly see what’s on the screen. But at night when it’s dark, if I turn it down, it goes completely black. Which makes me think it’s sensing how bright the room is.


I know for a fact that the apple powerbooks do this but not the ibooks… They do auto dim if you don’t use the machine… it is in power management.


At the lowest level, you’re turning off the backlight.

During the day, the bright light reflects off the back of the screen, so you can see things.

Of course, this doesn’t happen when there are no lights on.

The lowest level is off.


Ah. Okay, that must be it.