Scouts Canada Cubs and Beavers

Starts at Pineridge on Sept 20th and 21st.

Beavers is for girls and boys ages 5-7, goes from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM on Tuesdays.

Cub Scouts is for boys and girls ages 8-10, goes from 7 PM to 8:30 PM on Wednesdays.

See for more info on Scouting in Canada.

We also need additional leaders for both groups.

Call Dick at 250-624-5608 for more info or just come out anytime.


Thank you for posting!!!

I have a question. I see that Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are now allowing girls to join but in another thread Girl Guides/Sparks/etc is being advertised as well. There is no mention of boys being offered to join these groups. Is it really the case that Scouts is now coed while Girl Guides is still exclusively girls? Is there a group exclusively for boys anymore?

Scouts Canada (formerly Boy Scouts) is co-ed. Girl Guides of Canada always has been and still is an organization for girls and women.

It’s always been my understanding that these two groups ran parallel to one another, Boy Scouts for boys and Girl Guides for girls. In fairness, perhaps they should both change and become Scouts and Guides. Both are great organizations but sometimes this political correctness and gender equality can be a little too much.

It’s always helpful to find the official information

Cubs and Scouts offer programs for boys and girls, young men and young women ages 5-26

Girl Guides of Canada for girls and young women ages 5 to 17

Until 1971, no Scouts Canada programs were officially co-ed (though co-ed Scouting existed here and there unofficially, mostly in small towns and rural areas). In 1971, Scouts Canada officially allowed Rover Scout Crews (ages 18-26) to become co-ed, at a Crew’s option. In 1984, this local option was extended to Venturer Scout Companies (ages 14-17). In 1992, local option was opened to the rest of Scouts Canada’s sections; Beavers (5-7) , Wolf Cubs (8-10), and Scouts (11-14). This change was intended to be an evolutionary step towards a fully co-ed Scouts Canada. Surveys within Scouting in the late 1980s showed strong interest in such a future.

On November 21,1998 Scouts Canada’s National Council passed a resolution which removed the local option and requires all Scouts Canada sections to be co-ed, unless they are partnered with a religious denomination which prohibits a co-ed youth program on religious grounds. Very few groups fall into this category, and these are usually ‘closed units,’ like those sponsored by the LDS.

Girl Guides of Canada has remained an organization for girls and women throughout the 101 years in Canada. We believe there is a place for an organization for girls only, regardless of being though of as politically incorrect.

I like that there’s still Guiding for just females. And I feel bad for boys that cannot have an organization of their own. I understand there are different opinions and reasons WHY scouts is female inclusive, and some of them are super valid reasons, but I still disagree.

Even when it was Boy Scouts there were female leaders. Girl Guides has only female leaders.

My grandma was a den mother!

I went through the ranks of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts…and the whole time i can remeber one or two female leaders. BUT there was an olde timer …MRS GREENE who was a scouting guru received numerous baiden powell awards for her contribution to Scouting over 5 decades…

i remember her clearly…a tough old broad,., who wouldnt accept an ounce of disrespect from any child around. I cant still remember her pulling on a shit rats hear for acting out.

Probably taught that kid alot of respect…i was taught respect just by her presence…

but we live in a “equality” based world now…

gone are the good old days of boy “jamborees”…

Mrs Greene is still scouting!

I was on a couple of scouting events with Mrs. Greene. She is awesome.


but we live in a “equality” based world now…

gone are the good old days of boy “jamborees”…[/quote]

I agree that we live in an equality based world which is why I’m kind of surprised that one group has become coed while the other is gender exclusive. There’s so much emphasis on being fair to one group and the other is not being given the same consideration.