Scottish Fold Kittens

I was over at a buddies house today and he mentioned he has 2 kittens living in his back shed. He confirmed they were strays and said they are definately scottish fold kittens. They chill around his house and always come pokin around. Now, I know these might be strays… but maybe there’s someone out there willing to take one or both in?? Might be a long shot, but I do know some people are crazy about cats. Just throwin it out there.

I would like to know more informations about the kittens ( age,color etc…)
Maybe picture??? Did they are still available ?
Thank you !

Strays are just as good as normal cats if you give them love, affection and food.

Older cats are harder to tame but it’s possible. Lots of love, time spent and food. My family has had 25 cats over the last 30 years, only one was ever bought. The rest were strays or other house cats that “adopted” us. Some we ran down around apartments and caught, and others just needed feeding. ALL amazing cats with great personalities. Even some of the meanest, tempermental cats can be tamed with ease.


Scottish Folds are very neat and interesting Kittens - Cats , took one all the way into the states , back into Canada and back here in my car and free to roam around the car. Chris did I ever tell you about the time ?