SCO Stocks Tumble

If you’re into Linux this may mean something to you.  I’m a nerd, what can I say?
SCO lost a major judgment in court on Friday.  SCO does not own the rights to Unix.  SCO sued IBM for several billion dollars over four years ago for copyright violations. 
SCO stock plummeted over 70% today.

When you said this:

Do you mean they do not own the copyright to the word “Unix” or that they do not own the actual program?  Or are they considered the same thing?  Just curious, as I remember reading something about this issue years ago, and it might be related to your post.  Interesting stuff. 

The courts ruled on Friday that Novell (another company) owns the rights to Unix.  In other words the copyright claims that SCO leveled at IBM is meaningless as SCO can not claim damages (it does not have the rights to Unix).  SCO is of course claiming otherwise.  SCO claimed that IBM stole Unix source code and embedded it in their version of Linux.
The appeals process will no doubt drag out a bit. 
SCO is road-kill imho.