Does anyone know when report cards for the high schools are being sent out?

Um, I never remembered report cards being sent out by mail, I always brought mine home.

They started to mail them out to make sure the parents received them…

Report cards don’t get sent out, you pick it up usually normally one week after the last final exams ends.

That’s what I thought too.

That’s how it was when i was in highschool.
Are we that untrusting of teenagers now?

I firmly believe that teens are very mistrusting of the adult world. We must try to gain and keep their trust.

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If memory serves the report cards were picked up in June by the students.  My daughter brought hers home.

I had a report card for one of the kids come by mail but it was at the beginning of the summer.

Heh, you’re right.  I just asked my kid and she said it was mailed home.  So much for my memory. :smile:

So, basically, no one has a real answer for you.

why thank you hitest!

CHSS students had to pick them up after the last week of school I believe.

If you don’t have it yet your kid either picked it up or got to the mail before you did. Perhaps they have something to hide besides the hickies on their neck and pot smoke billowing from their room.

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