School Walkout - Tues May 4

People really want their day-off hey?


Ask around, I’ve heard lots of talk about a walkout tomorrow at 9:00.

I got this message over MSN from someone…

“On tuesday, may 4 all students across BC will be walking out of school, to disaproove about the government policy and to support the hospital works. Plea pass this on to everyone online, and walk out on May 4th 9:00 am”

I wonder who made that up. Whoever it is needs some Hooked on Phonics. :confused:

I wouldnt mind protesting though.

Yeah, I got like five of those, so the idea is floating around.

shit, honestly, that is jsut retarded. i want to break everyones legs who walks out and when theres no hospital workers there to help they’ll learn.

YA YA! Let’s do it together, do you want the bat or the crowbar?

ill reinforce the front end of my honda… than the tire iron to finish the stragglers.

Good plan!


obviously these idiots havn’t read the news, or don’t know how to read at all … d7773997cf

well with the unions back to work why would they walk out… i think in a matter or time the unions will walk out yet again cause they are yet to be satisfied.

That HEU strike was nothing. Just wait until the nurses negotiations get underway. That is when the shit is going to hit the fan. That union has a lot of power compared to HEU.

hha the only people that walked out in prss were stoners and freaks. ahah

In other words: people who would rather not be in school in the first place, or do poorly at it.

My sister walked out of school. She’s in grade 6. Her and 5 friends did. Their principal was frantic and had the RCMP after them. They got to ride back in a cop car and for the entire lunchour they were regarded as heros by the kids at school.

I would have protested if everyone else went down, but it wasn’t organized like it was a few years ago. A few years ago it was for a cause. This year it was just spread around for those that didn’t feel like going to school for the entire day.

most of em, if not all were at the damned evil sk8 park