Scared dog

there is a scared little Chihuahua running back and forth on the waterfront by aclands store, has a blue bandana on neck, hope he makes it home

There seems to be too many idiots who own animals in this town , they should not be permitted to own a dog or a cat . Is it just something to do or incite a conversation ?
Yesterday while my Lady and i were driving down towards Cow Bay , two chicks walking pushing two babies on wheel , one dog on a leash and meanwhile one dog running
across the road stopping traffic , we stopped and asked the two if this was their dog ? Yes but no emotion what so ever , the dog ran back then she put a leash on it . Last week
while my Lady and I were down at Kwanitsa (however one spells it) , we lookout in the water and there are a couple of retrievers in the water but the owners are why at the
other end of the beach not paying attention. But one of the beautiful dogs is struggling , we call the owners but no reaction . I was going to go in and try to help , they finally
came towards the area , saying nothing wrong but yes there was and it turned out the dog was tangled up in sea weed around its legs. The other dog recued it,

That was a scary time with that beautiful Retriever. He must have been treading water for about 15 minutes before I even realized it was a dog. Had to use binocs to see what the hell that was in the water. The owners were way up the beach and when we got to the dog, we were screaming and yelling that their dog was trapped, they actually laughed about it. I couldn’t believe it. We thought they had the situation under control when they finally walked down, never acknowledged us or anything, then because they didn’t want to go in the water, tried to get their other dogs to release him, seaweed was wrapped around his legs. I was so scared for him. I know there are wonderful pet owners but there are so many in this town, you have to wonder why they have animals at all. They are your family members people, take good care of them!

I once went into the water at the same spot in front of Kwinitsa to get my dog out. Same situation, he got tangled in all the seaweed. I didn’t think twice I just walked into the water and then swam to rescue him. It was a cold day in November. He was a lab and loved the water.

I appreciate the fact that you mentioned your past expierences with your friend and pet , I tell you it is nice to see these individuals with their loving pets but not just for show , they should become part of your life and should always get good treatment .These idiots
could not care less about their beautiful animal stuck in the water , then when the other dog helped it out , they could not even find the courage to say thanmk you for watching out . I guess you could say they rank with the mothers who hang out in the mall with their children running around out of control and no care in the world for the babies who had babies.